Drastic My Soul

I’m soooooooooo tired. Seems I’m still staying up too late and getting up too early. Continuing this trend bodes poorly for my continued existence.

Of course, Monday is the newly appointed day for my trip to do battle training with support-person Debbie. This means I’ll be either in-transit or in-combat all day, where you define “day” to mean “from 8:00 am until about 4:30 pm.” As this definition of day includes hours I haven’t recently included in my own personal definition of day (namely that 8-10 am range)…I’m going to be hurting come Monday.

I’ve discovered that Comcast doesn’t seem to allow CGI scripts to run from their server, so my blog will continue to be a manually-maintained affair. Ah well; it’s not that much work, nor is it that frequent. Now if I’d just put some energy into the rest of this site….

Engaged Andy in a ferocious Guilty Gear battle today. He was dismayed to learn that I can now pull off some of Baiken’s counters, happy to discover that I’m still far from a master of them, and generally (argh) better than me. I was able to keep up with him when I was able to pull off that “Z” motion with the controller (you know: forward, down, down-forward), which rarely came together for me today, and when I didn’t get too wrapped up in trying to use my new moves. With more time, I’ll be something to be feared. Once I master Baiken’s counters, I’ll be Tournament Worthy. Ha ha ha.

I’m sure y’all believe that it’s been a life-long dream of mine to compete favorably in a Guilty Gear tournament. Yeah.

Also had fun accompanying Andy around town while he tried to run various errands: buying a replacement OSU hat (they no longer sell the style of hat he used to have), visiting the Philomath Gun Shop (only open from 10-6:30 on Monday through Thursday) and collecting his keg from Chris and returning it back to Tailgaters. We actually were able to collect the keg, which was really the only thing that went Andy’s way all day. Well, we also ate lunch at Quizno’s, so he can’t complain too much. They do make a tasty sandwich.

Eh? What’s with the title of this entry? The ending to s-CRY-ed features one of the more humorous Engrish lines in the history of anime themes: I believe in drastic my soul! It also has this catchy pseudo-latin beat to it. I could almost dance to the song, if that wouldn’t be incredibly sad.


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