Reason #1 why Brent hasn’t been posting: an illness that featured all the walking around completely drained of energy of mono, with none of the fun kissing girls beforehand. (boo!) Today—er, yesterday—was the first day I’ve woken up in the last two weeks and didn’t have to physically drag my corpse out of bed.

[Yes, there are many more reasons where this came from… interesting ones, even!]


2 Responses to Pseudo-mononucleosis

  1. Sarah

    Oooh, just catching up on the RSS reader… Mono sucks, ESPECIALLY when you get it from the non-smooching variety. Mine was a dirty glass at a Hong Kong style cafe. Eww.

  2. Brent

    Eww, indeed. I don’t think I actually had mono–though it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that I’d be dumb enough not to get actual mono diagnosed.
    My primary care physician is, after all, a pediatrician.
    …I should really change that.


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