WordPress, ho!

So I heard you liek mudkipz that Six Apart is getting rolled into a new corporation called SAY Media, and that SAY Media* issues press releases full of gibberish. (Six Apart is the main force behind Movable Type, the blog software I currently run.)

*It is a mystery why I bother respecting SAY Media’s inane capitalization, but don’t respect Sony’s attempt to make sure that PLAYSTATION 3 is always all-caps.

As should be blindingly obvious by now, I’m not in this to grow and monetize [my] audience. That phrase is a baseball bat to my gut, and the moment I read it was the moment I knew that my time with Movable Type was ending. Nowadays all the cool self-hosting kids are running WordPress, so I figure that’s where I’ll turn my attention when I get some free time.

(Yes, I do intend to start posting here again. Eventually. Soon. Tomorrow, I swear!)


2 Responses to WordPress, ho!

  1. GreyDuck

    …join us… JOIN US… :)
    And the title reminds me, I really should pick up Recettear again…

  2. Brent

    Recettear kinda breaks my brain: everything about it, on paper, sounds like it’d be the most boring game ever–but everybody seems to love it.
    Now that you mention it, though, I’m sure that Capitalism, ho! was an underlying influence on my title choice.


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