A coincidence

8:20 am: I leave my house to get my hair cut. A neighbor has an RV-esque trailer attached to their large truck parked nearby, but otherwise all is right in the world.

9:00 am: I return from my haircut. The truck and trailer are gone. The stop sign (including pole) closest to my house now lies on the sidewalk, the street signs attached at the top twisted and bent.


3 Responses to A coincidence

  1. Barry

    Whoa…I got an haircut too! (First in about a year.)

  2. Brent

    A year? Man, I look shaggy as… Shaggy if I make it two months.

  3. Brent

    UPDATE: the pole has been replaced, but the street signs have been switched. Public Works, congrats on a job well done.


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