HTML Day and Anime Night

Today was spent almost entirely tweaking the layout for this page…I’ve been through about eight revisions now (believe it or not), despite this sucker only being some three days old. True, many of those were working out some serious kinks (repositioning links can be a bear with CSS, in my all-too-limited experience), but there were also some alternative layouts that got lost along the way. For your edutainment, a few pictures of my monsters:


As you might guess, the one on the left was (pretty much) the original layout. The image is from Saishu Heiki Kanojo, or She, the Ultimate Weapon. If I went with that, I could call this blog “the last love song on this little planet.” That sounds nice and poetic, until you consider my life. sigh.

The one on the right, of course, is Azumanga Daioh-inspired. Sakaki and Chiyo-chan actually (assuming your browser could keep up) stayed fixed at the bottom of your window, no matter how you changed the window size; if you made it small enough that Sakaki started running into the title image, then she actually went underneath the text. I’m torn between this Love Hina layout, and the Azumanga one—I like them both, though I’m still uncertain about the empty sidebar space both seem to suffer from. I have no qualms, however, about using other people’s art without their permission. =)

The evening, then, was spent trying to actually watch some anime. It’s been quite a while, really…. We finished off the second half of the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs (we watched the first half two or three weekends ago), and then took in the first episodes of Onegai Teacher, Chobits, and Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. Quick opinions: Kenshin rocks. OT was too fanservicy for Marin, but (oddly enough) I didn’t mind. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar was way too cute for my blood. Gack. I had to resort to MST3King to survive the first episode. Though I did have fun with that, I don’t think I’d enjoy doing that 25 more times. Marin probably wouldn’t enjoy it, either. Finally, Hideiki’s whacked-out expressions and pervertedness made Chobits. I now know one way you can say “porn site” in Japanese (keep in mind that I need to hear things a couple times before I remember them): ero site, roughly pronounced “arrow saitou.” You learn something new every day, I guess. Too bad these days I seem to forget two things for every new thing I learn.


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