‘Bout Damn Time

Gents (I wish there were ladies reading, but I’ll be realistic for now), I’d like to introduce my latest mess of HTML and CSS: the WEB page! Please click on the //WEB link on the left side of your screen to see how badly I’ve whipped your Puny Earth Browsers this time. [Warning: I haven’t really tweaked link colors yet, so those—especially the “visited” color, won’t look so hot.] Sadly, there isn’t much content on the page—it’s just a portal, after all—but it’s certainly taken me enough time to get it to look (work?) even slightly right. Never forget that your “position: absolute;” attribute will position an element in relation to the box surrounding the element’s nearest ancestor that does not have a position (implied or explicitly stated) of “static.” That nuance, gleaned from the W3C pages this very evening, could have saved me several hours of fiddling…and, consequently, given me several more hours of sleep.

Life might be looking better. I took it upon myself to whip out some text for my group banking paper, and so (after three hours this evening) we have something to turn in on Wednesday. Maybe I’ll even look at it tomorrow and see if I failed to end sentences or include verbs. I do that, sometimes. More often than that, even, I’ll try to form complete sentences out of em-dashes and parentheses. It’s a curse.

(()(—))(—))())(——))()—(—(. See?

I’m still jealous that Brian has images he owns to legally use on his web page. In that respect, this web site is just a hack job in comparison. I’ll have to dust off my camera and learn how to take pictures, as I doubt my drawing ability would sustain the site; stick-figures (regardless of their high quality) can only carry you so far in life.


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