Cleaning the Fridge

Short update, since I need sleep. No toga party, since no energy. Instead I watched part of the first Tenchi movie (in Japanese, no less—though it was rather disconcerting to hear Megumi Hayashibara [Lina Inverse] as Achika, Tenchi’s mom) while paying my health insurance bill and filling out some rebate requests. Damn, my life is dull. Why do you bother reading this blog?

Did I mention my house is getting painted? [Insert advanced-type “watching paint dry” joke here.]

At work I had the distinct pleasure of being the first to notice that there was some diluted-Coke-brown water leaking out of the fridge. After recruiting my office manager, we delved into the depths of the machine to discover a massive pool of icky water sitting at the base of the fridge.

Right about that time an ominous voice rang out from all around: “Go Back.” After refusing the voice’s request multiple times, the pool of icky water vaporized and assumed the form of a MIST DRAGON.

I had to attack it repeatedly with my Dark Sword, while my office manager unleashed her secret Jump attack.

As you might guess, you can’t attack a water-based beast without getting wet. Icky-water wet. Ick. Ick. I later had the distinct pleasure of going home and showering for a second time.

Now I just need to unwittingly raze a town with fire, and do some other stuff, before I can become a paladin.


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