Very little new today. It’s starting to get hot over here again, so I’m starting to spend more and more time in my basement. That doesn’t do much for me, however, because Comcast (the wonderful company who bought out AT&T’s interests around these parts) sucks pond scum. I have internet access about 50% of the time, currently, in three-minute intervals. That means I can look at a site, click on a link and wait for it to time out, wait two minutes, and then try again to get to the next page with the next link.

Have I really been surfing the web that much? [No.] Do I really deserve this? [No.]

By now I’m sure y’all have heard of the National Do Not Call list. Right? It goes live around July 1st, and then will allow you to register (for free!) to cut down on the number of phone solicitations you get. I know I’ll be signing my family (including my grandma) up.

One of the doctor’s kids at work has been looking up missing demographic information for patients of one of the clients that we bill for. The terminal program she’s using is featured in the dictionary next to the word “ghetto”; this means that you have absolutely no control over the colors on the screen, or your print settings. The colors on the screen (yellow text on a blue background) print out as white text on a black background. In the last five days (two of them being a weekend) we burned through a toner cartridge. Ouch!

It was the last toner cartridge we had in the office, so I got to go out in the sun, drive down to the local Office Max (yes, I know my above link is to Staples), and buy two more. Using the company credit card (!) and on the time clock. It was a beautiful break from my normal routine. As further bonus, everybody bowed down at my feet upon my return, for I had restored the office to (what passes for) functionality. It’s amazing how much we still depend on getting hard copies of our documents.


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