Low Fuel Warning

I have no energy. It’s starting to go beyond the simple “Brent stays up too late doing stupid things—like updating this blog—and gets up (in light of those late nights) too early the next day” to the more conspiratorial “Brent’s enemies filled a small aerosol spray canister with nefarious virii, installed the canister under the dash of his car, and wired it to the ignition. Marin then drove Brent’s car, and consequently infected him.”

I somehow found the energy to take Marin to Best Buy this evening (or was it the oppressive heat compelling me to take an air-conditioned car ride?). There she stocked up on cheap CDs, including the new Michelle Branch album (Hotel Paper, which I promptly ripped so I could listen to it at work), and (!) Final Fantasy X. Those who know me know that I don’t own a PS2, and those who know video games know that FF X is a PS2 game. This gives me the sneaking suspicion that Marin (!!) will be buying a PS2 at some time in the near future. I snagged a copy of the Cowboy Bebop movie, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, to pacify the Karmic Forces of the world. [I saw the movie about a year ago, when a friend of a friend downloaded it and had a movie night. Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the creators their dues.]

Did I mention that I’m really tired?


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