Moving On

Marin read my blog last night, and commented that I was more interesting on the web than in real life. I’m not sure how to take that…besides by making this blog less interesting. (^_^)

Yesterday was a slow day; I tweaked my existing pages (Blog and Web) slightly, and started thinking about maybe adding a links page to replace AT&T’s pseudo-404 page. What I want to do for that still eludes me…. Eric suggests that I should give it a layout akin to that of my blog, to maintain a consistent look throughout the site. While I appreciate that goal, my primary purpose behind making these pages is to have some fun with CSS…meaning, basically, that I want to make every page different. Yet still have some commonality, too. I wonder if the brent//SOMETHING graphics are enough of a motif on their own. I also wonder what image-usage laws are—if I’ve bought a pencil board with an image on it, say, can I use that image on my (non-commercial) website? I somewhat doubt it, as that might be the same argument as “I bought this book, so I can post its contents on the web as long as I don’t charge for it.” On the other hand, however, that seemed to be the way it was for that fabled ultra-expensive cookie recipe.

Eric and I attended Andy and Nate’s post-graduation party later yesterday evening. We got to meet and interact with both of their families a bit, and say ‘hi’ to people who dropped by. Most entertaining of the passers-by was Jane, head advisor for the UHC, who got herself a drink from the keg and then chatted it up with us. Andy’s grandma was great; when Greg (Andy’s younger brother, and a fellow business major) left the party to “help [two girls] pack,” his grandma gave him a hug and these words of advice: “be good…or else have lots of fun.” Ha. Photo-worthy events included Andy’s first-ever keg-stand, Eric posing with a random person’s sunglasses, and Hunt’s. Andy’s keg stand and the artsy-fartsy shot were taken by Eric, while (somewhat obviously) the other was by my hand. Yes, Andy’s face was that red; both he and Nate got quite sunburned during the ceremony.

[For an indeterminate amount of time (now passed), you may find the more-or-less complete works of the UHC picnic and the Last Poker Game online, courtesy of the psychotic amount of disk space OSU provides to each student. Be warned that these pages link to the pictures taken directly off of my camera, and those files are pretty big (~1 MB each).]

Andy called me at 9:30 this morning and asked for some help packing, so I spent the morning prying posters off of walls and throwing knick-nacks in boxes. We—including Nate, who had been waging his own battle upstairs—eventually broke for lunch and met Darren (another one of Andy’s circle of friends) for a burger at Clod’s. That bar has quite a different atmosphere during the day. It was actually quiet, with waiters taking orders and serving food (and not just “liquid bread,” as Nate’s dad fondly called beer). Of course, you can still tell that a gajillion Party People have crowded into the building and consumed far too much alcohol at some time in the past. Despite this, at the table to my right lunched John Byrne (former president of OSU) and his assistant. [I, sadly, was the only one in the group who recognized him. Fame is so fleeting.]

The lazy days of summer are nigh unto me. I spent this evening doing all sorts of menial recordkeeping, but last night put half an hour into Final Fantasy VIII (yeah, yeah…I figured I might as well get the “worst” FF out of the way before the others, to maximize my enjoyment of them all), and tonight was eyeing the Anime on DVD forums with thoughts of actually reading the posts again. I’m easily falling into my routines of last summer, it seems…and everybody else has moved on.


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