No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

I can’t sleep. Last night was a toss-n-turn affair (which set me up beautifully for my multiple-choice final this morning), and I spent an hour in vain trying to take a nap after my exam. It’s not that I’m not tired (I’m practically hallucinating at times), nor is it that my brain is constantly revved and won’t slow down (I’m currently duller than a butter knife—and I’m not talking about my personality).

My final probably went all right, but I had to urinate quite badly throughout the second hour, on top of watching the test do a mambo on my desk…so I didn’t really double-check everything like I should have. I didn’t really double-check anything, actually, and the second half of the exam is more of a blur than the first. Ah well. We’ll see how well/poorly I’ve done once those little letters pop up on my transcript in a week.

The day was rather dull. Not even my hallucinations were interesting. The evening was better, as I got to go hang with Andy, Nate, and Tammy for one last time. I’m saddened to think that these halcyon days of chillage are coming to an end. How else will I learn about the existence of Azumanga Puzzle Daioh?

Of course, things don’t end without a bang: Andy has informed me that Bremmer is holding a Toga Party tomorrow night. Not sure that I’m all about getting dressed up in a toga and then getting sloshed, but it might be a funny picture opportunity. Then Andy is holding a Day of Poker on Friday; though I’m not in for the poker, I’ll stop by to see the faces. Word on the street is that Andy will have his very own keg at this event; I suppose I’ll have to document Andy and his keg. Sunday, of course, will be the graduation bash.

…damn I’m tired…


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