Prelude to Battle

Tomorrow morning a final and I will enter an examination room. Only one of us will walk out.

Of course, finals don’t walk. Heh. (Unless we’re talking about the hallucinations I saw while taking my financial institutions final on Monday…but I’ll drop that, as it weakens my implication.)

Today, outside of my Puny Cram Session—re-reading seven (relatively) short chapters during the evening isn’t all that impressive, especially once you consider it was a business text—was rather uneventful. I spent six hours at work, where, unlike Brian, I listened to music 100% of the time. I mostly listen to anime music and ’80s/’90s pop, though, so I have no pretensions of having “refined taste.” Or any taste at all, for that matter. I mean, hell, I listened to the Eva “Vox” album today.

Since nobody out there, save Andy and Nate, have heard Vox, I’ll quote a few proto-rap lyrics from “Prelude to Battle”:

Step to me, and I’ll crush you like the bitch you is

You’re a can of soda, without the fizz

You’re a bottle of brandy, without the alcohol

You’re a shopping center, without the mall


Now, perhaps, you begin to fathom the depths of my lack of taste.


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