Tiffany responded to my pondering of yesterday: you can only really post an image online if you’ve bought rights to it, or have gotten the artist’s OK. (Makes sense.) If you don’t use an image commercially, however, you won’t be handing your first-born over to the courts as remuneration for your crimes.

Much as I love the pictures I selected for my pages (I think they look quite nice, especially with the layouts), I have neither bought rights to them nor gotten anyone’s permission to use ’em. (It’d probably be quite difficult for me to even try either of those methods, too, as I only know a few sporadic Japanese words…I mean, you try to piece together a polite email asking to use an image when the only words you know are “eye,” “promise,” and “hot.”) As such, and because if I had any artistic talent I’d hope others would treat my work similarly, those images are hereby banished from all but my local hard drive.

I’m somewhat fond of the new blog and anime pictures on the //WEB page, which are pseudo-final (feel free to tell me what you think, if you think); I don’t much like the links picture, but I was grasping for straws for that one to begin with. I’m still debating what type of picture I like for the sidebar on this page, though I think I’ll probably default to a Nature Scene.

Like lions eating a zebra. I think I took a picture of that, sometime.

Today was another day, except this one’s “work” and “not-work” regions both clearly fell inside the “no interaction” side of the Venn Diagram. My heart still isn’t in work—I’m still scanning, for the time being—for whatever reason. Marin, meanwhile, is concerned that the traditional Summer Work Screwing (random doctors’ kids—two, this year—decide they want to work at the billing office, and so are eventually given our work…leaving us with nothing to do) is about to occur. As I’ve already lost my current job, I’m not as worried as she is.

Not-work time was pretty much squandered. Marin and I did officially kick off Anime Summer 2003, albeit in a pretty low-key way: we watched the first two episodes of Magical Project S (alternative title: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy). So far, it’s an odd show. Most memorable line? “What’s a magical girl like you doing in a place like this?” Serious.

Apple’s hosting its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference in a week, incidentally. The entire Mac community is foaming at the mouth over rumors that G5 computers will be announced and ready to ship immediately. If that doesn’t happen, I hear that we’re all supposed to get our pitchforks and torches and congregate at One Infinite Loop immediately after the keynote for a “burning down the Apple campus” party. (I’m only half-kidding about that, actually…and the part I’m kidding about is the “I hear” part. People seem really hellbent on getting faster Apple towers.) Also, I hear that we’re to meet similarly if the G5 tower Apple announces looks anything like this. Amusingly, some resellers are adding fuel to the fire with ill-advised teasers.


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