Today Marin overheard that our coworkers are really hopped up on smack. Something about taking “diet pills” that also help you get moving during the day…comments were made along the lines of “I stayed up until 1:00 am last night, and getting up at 5:30 would have been a bear without these.” d00d.

I, instead, opted for a much more healthy routine. After sleeping in late, I got up, exercised (perhaps having to mention whether or not I exercised each day in my blog will be enough inspiration to keep me going this time—so all y’all’s job is to harass me when I fail), and then ate a six-inch Subway sandwich for lunch. (I normally get a foot-long when I eat at Subway, FWIW.) My sore throat disappeared, so Greg may live. Actually, my sore throat returned after I drank some of the filtered water from the accursed refrigerator…I wouldn’t be surprised if the filtered water isn’t as pure as I would like to hope it is.

The sleeping in late routine is partly because I stay up way too late, and partly because, unless you arrive at my work quite early in the day, you can’t find parking until lunchtime. This, until today’s little exercise experiment, gave me plenty of time in the morning to…uh…surf the web. (I’m so ashamed.)

There’s so much I want to do, too! I need to figure out more about cascading style sheets, and web design in general; this stuff is so much fun for me! It’s a more modern take on the layout-designing I did back in high school yearbook, without any of the associated stress. (Actually, that’s not quite true; getting pages to look the same in every browser is annoying, especially with Internet Explorer in the world.) I look forward to this weekend, when I should have plenty of time to start tinkering around with the site again. I also want to learn how to shoot a good photo (a goal made possible by my digital camera, since I won’t be wasting real film and processing costs)…already I’ve made great strides, as I can now use the autofocus to get an acceptable shot. (You can laugh, but—for whatever reason—Canon digital cameras aren’t really point & shoot. Even Andy agrees with me, and that’s a rare occurrence!) Playing some of the Playstation RPGs I’ve collected (video games are much cheaper when you learn to survive a generation behind everyone else) would also be a nice summer-like activity. There’s very little chance for me to play such involved games during the school year, since I work year-round.

Oh yeah. I’ve given up (already!) on trying to keep this website legal. I just can’t stand the new pictures on the Web page…. In Marin’s (exact) words: “why bother having pictures when they look that bad?” Though I don’t feel as strongly as she does, I do agree. So, welcome back to Yomiko, Mahoro, and Chise. On the off chance that the courts will want my first-born, I guess I’ll just have to have one more kid than I was planning on having. (sigh) In other news, I’ve found a blog that actually looks good to my eye: that of Flood, a chronic poster on the AOD forums. Oddly enough, his interests—outside of anime—are photography and day-trading (!).

I’ve recently (thanks to Andy) become a fan of Something Awful, and especially its “Photoshop Phriday” features. As, odds are, it’ll be Friday by the time you read this, you should definitely check it out. The site does get into some more base things (albeit in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way), so be wary where you wander.


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