A Legal Oops

To follow up from last time: Uncle Kracker sings a decent Drift Away. It’s definitely not the version I’m used to, but it still gets the job done (which is to say I can sing along to it at work, thereby annoying all my coworkers with my pitch-imperfect not-rated-for-singing voice).

I wish I could say that my absence from the web yesterday was due to various interesting adventures, but that would go against everything I stand for—that’s right, I’m also known as Inaction Man. Yesterday was as unremarkable as they come, save for my discovery that neither Eden’s Bowy (nicely detailed artwork, but no animation) nor King of Bandit Jing (nice animation, but no detailed artwork) is worth purchasing. Jing actually reminded me quite a bit of SoulTaker, in its sense of style and method of animation…but, thank goodness, Jing doesn’t give me the huge headache that SoulTaker does. Jing also features Kir, a comic-eyed bird—with a taste for women, of course—who possesses smoother pick-up lines than I’ll ever have. That annoys me.

Geneshaft’s third episode, in stark contrast, was pretty fun. Half of that, though, was my making crappy pseudo-guitar noises to mimic the actual guitar noise that is used as the opening song. I must say, I’m quite good at mocking crappy music.

It’s a shame I’m not likewise gifted with good music.

Today Marin [discovered that she had been on the wrong side of the law, and understandably doesn’t want the details posted—even though she’s not legally liable. She doesn’t believe in admissions of guilt.]

This evening I started backing up Marin’s computer onto my machine (it’s actually still going as I type this; 20 GB of data takes a good while to be sucked through a 100baseT ethernet network). I spent my time out on the deck with the Powerbook; it was absolutely wonderful out, and I had the pleasure of my cat’s company. Maxi pretty much just stretched out on the other chair and became dead to the world—and there aren’t many sights in the world more peaceful than that of a sleeping cat. Also saw Brian on IM; he helpfully/annoyingly informed me that he won’t send my (belated) birthday gift until he hears news of my contacting Eileen.

Guess I’ll have to get on that. But, first, sleep—I’m not terribly charming when I’m as sleep-deprived as I currently am.


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