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Saturday was rather unremarkable. As my office’s final bonus period ends Tuesday of this (coming) week, a good number of people came in over the weekend to try and make the bonus…essentially making more work for me. I decided to make an appearance as well, just so I wouldn’t be completely swamped come Monday.

In the evening Marin and I sampled two more new shows: Risky Safety, and s-CRY-ed.

Risky Safety is about a girl, Moe (not as in the brother of Larry and Curly; pronounced “Moe-eh?”), who jumps to conclusions about the guy she likes after he (gasp!) interacts with other females, and in moping around calls up a shinigami-in-traning, Risky, to take her soul.

When Moe has a change of heart, though, Risky keels over…and transforms into the angel-in-training, Safety. The interaction between Risky and Safety, who share the same body and find themselves at the whim of Moe’s emotions, is absolutely hilarious. Risky’s Japanese voice is also quite amusing to me.

No, I don’t like it simply because Maaya Sakamoto voices Moe. [Incidentally, I just discovered that Maaya’s actually about my age. Cool.]

This time, you needn’t take it from me! Go to the Risky Safety web site, and find your way to the “Toybox” page (I’d give a direct link, but that doesn’t seem to work too well) to download the first episode. The show has a shorter episode length than normal, so the download shouldn’t be too terribly long—and they even give you your choice of dubbed or subbed.

S-CRY-ed, on the other hand, is an action/comedy. The addition of comedy, and a completely different plot, makes this a heck of a lot more entertaining than the manga was (from the little I’ve read, at least). S-CRY-ed seems to combine nicer animation with a bit of a plot, and holds it together by virtue of its characters. How can you not love Straight Cougar, a man who is (literally) addicted to speed? I’m not completely sold, but it competes quite favorably against the other shows I’ve been trying out—most notably Jing and Eden’s Bowy.


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