Beautiful Dreamer

Today I had a breakthrough discovery: the song Drift Away wasn’t just sung by Dobie Gray, as I had thought—it was sung by Uncle Kracker featuring Dobie Gray. Ironically enough, the iTunes Music Store had a version of Drift Away by Uncle Kracker, but I never listened to it because it was marked explicit.

The most explicit thing in the song is the name of the band who sang it, I tell ya. Unless there are some swear words out there that I think are decent.

After checking the preview, thinking it sounded right, and plunking down my 99 cents, I discovered that there’s a difference between Uncle Kracker featuring Dobie Gray, and Uncle Kracker alone. The parts where everybody sings sounds about right (and is how the preview fooled me), but the non-chorus lyrics don’t go as I remember them. Drat.

Work had its monthly birthday luncheon today: Izzy’s pizza, and cookies. I had two slices, but they made me feel like tossing my cookies. Ha ha. I scanned while nauseated, which I think is one of the prohibitions listed in the scanner’s manual—alongside gems such as “do not bathe with scanner while scanner is plugged in” and “do not scan pictures of David Hasselhoff.”

I’ve begun re-ripping my CDs into AAC format, again. (I gave up on my original efforts once I got my most-listened-to CDs converted.) Somehow the AAC versions sound better, and take up less space (!; 128Kbps should be the same size, no matter what the encoding method), so it’s somewhat worth it—especially since I got a car cassette adaptor from Amazon today, so my iPod is now fully integrable with my car. Now the only limiting factors are the 2500 songs I can squeeze on my iPod, and the 13 gallons of gas I can squeeze into my tank.

During a CPM sale that RightStuf had not too long ago I picked up a copy of Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer. It’s a twist on the Japanese tale of Urashima Taro, and one of the holy trinity of anime movies I saw on the SciFi channel on Saturday nights (the other two being Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love, and the always-entertaining Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture). UY movie 2 was the last of the three for me to pick up (probably because it’s the least fun of the three), but I felt compelled to reassemble them all for no particular reason.

So, while I ripped CDs, I settled in to watch Beautiful Dreamer in Japanese. It really does work better, and the fact that I was practically asleep while watching it recreated the late-night feeling of days gone by. [Sadly, however, the SciFi movies used to begin at midnight, not end before then.] I miss those days, in many ways.

Though I’m anything but beautiful, I had a dream of my own last night. This is notable for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I rarely remember any dreams. Heck, my most-memorable dream of all time, had sometime in early high school, was only memorable for its (simple) content: playing tennis with swords instead of racquets. With rubber chickens running around the inside of the court. Every time anybody took a swing at the ball, their sword would decapitate some unfortunate rubber chickens, who would run around spewing blood everywhere. (The million dollar question: what in the world did that dream mean?)

Unlike my obscure rubber-chicken-sword-tennis dream, the point of my dream last night was pretty clear: I need to dust off my phone and call Eileen—like I was supposed to early winter term. […]


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