It’s getting to be the end of July, which can only mean one thing: the Benton County Fair has come to town. w00t. I may actually visit the fair this time, though not to have a near-death experience on defective rides. [I’m still leery of those things…many years ago I took a spin on something that looked a bit like this, except that the platform of seats spun around the star rather than just moving up and down—and my restraint device never locked into place. I spent the entire ride trying to create as much friction between myself and the seat as possible, so I didn’t go flying when the platform crested. Not fun.] This time I would go for only one reason: a chance to destroy Carrot Top. (Odds are you’ll want to destroy Carrot Top too, if you follow that link.)

Yes, indeed, the wanna-be comedian and star of long-distance dialing methods will be in town for our annual fair. I figure this is my one chance to make the world a better place.

…It’s a good thing for Carrot Top (and a bad thing for the rest of us) that I’m as apathetic as I am. Hell, I don’t even really know why I hate the guy as much as I do. I vividly recall having to see the awful box for his (I assume) awful movie, Chairman of the Board, on the wall at the video store Back In The Day. When I watched more TV, I cringed at his commercials along with the rest of the United States. Outside of that, though, I don’t have much on him. (I’m apparently not alone in wondering about Carrot Top, though—even Slate has an article along the same lines.)

In other news…Oh my. What kind of carnival game is this? (Look in the lower left corner.) Damn. Incidentally, I ran across that while trying to find a picture of the actual ride that broke on me; oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to be around any more.

The people at my work continue to amaze me. Yesterday they appeared to be well on course to attain their bonus (at least superficially) before today’s end-of-day deadline…and so they screwed around so much yesterday and today that they didn’t technically make it. A handful of people were still working past 6:00 pm today, the deadline hour and official “we won’t pay you for working later than this, so go home” time. Sheesh.

Mom and Dad took over the downstairs TV to watch Shanghai Knights this evening (they seemed to enjoy it), so I took to fiddling around with my blog layout some more. It may not look it, but I assure you that plenty of fiddling occurred.

I also discovered another reason why Internet Explorer sucks: it doesn’t support the :before and :after pseudo-classes of CSS. Had IE been up to spec, I could have changed my blog so that the date- and time-stamp of each entry were formatted as they appear now (“[date ⁄⁄ time]”) without having to type the brackets and slashes into every entry of my blog. As it is, I had lots of fun copying and pasting. Y’all better appreciate that.


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