Dan-su! Redux

It’s starting to get Real Toasty ’round these parts again. Ugh.

At work people were generally chatty, which was completely disconcerting; every other bonus period ended with the office universally stressed and grumpy. Though a good deal of progress was made towards superficially looking caught-up, there was still a good deal left to do and people didn’t seem to be throwing themselves at it…I wonder if they’ve already given up. Guess I’ll find out for sure tomorrow, when the bonus deadline passes.

After work I gave Eric a call, and we ate tasty A&W burgers and then took off on a short road trip to Best Buy. There we saw rows of About Schmidt resting in the comedy section; in many ways, it would be more correct to feature rows of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in the drama aisle. Anyway, our real task was to pick up a copy of DDR Max, and a cheap dance pad, for Marin’s PS2.

I now know how people have lost weight from DDR. Years of Nintendo have allowed me to develop passable eye-hand coordination; years of Nintendo have also destroyed any eye-foot coordination I ever possessed. [I can sit down for long periods of time, though!] When you can’t get your feet to go where your eyes tell them to, you expend even more energy than you would have to if you knew what you were doing.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

Put another way: DDR didn’t look that hard when they featured it on King of the Hill. I’m here today to tell you that little Bobby can dance. That kid has a Gift. Those people you see playing DDR in public places, such as the MU Rec Center, also have a Gift.

I don’t have a Gift.

[That last statement also applies to my belated birthday present from Brian, which he Did Not mail last Wednesday.]

Ah well…a few more years of practice, and I might not fail the first round of the game. Incidentally, today there was one other addition to the video game TV: a small fan. I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.


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