Details STILL to Follow

Argh. Dealing with my family, combined with a loss of internet access, means that my niacin story gets delayed even further—probably until the weekend when I might have real time to myself. Please don’t cry.

Really. I hate it when people cry.

Dad managed to reach/kill that crazy-fast spider that I described before. That sucker must have been pretty damn intelligent, as spiders go; it frequently hid behind our mirror, and when Dad finally closed in on it, it actually jumped to try and get out of the way. Luckily, it jumped the wrong direction—so I probably shouldn’t classify it as super-intelligent.

Marin got her PS2 yesterday, and quickly made me sick with her inability to manage the camera angle in .hack//INFECTION. [Yes, the inspiration behind my web site naming scheme is finally revealed to the world…odd thing is, I don’t know if I like the anime/game/etc. The hack franchise has good music, though.] Final Fantasy X went much better, for both Marin and me. Hilariously, I frequently had to tell Marin when she could control the character, since everything seemed cinematic to her.

Craig called last night, and so I’ll get to see him this evening. He mentioned something about topless laws here precluding the possibility of the elusive Corvallis Party Scene being able to compete with the Greece party scene…it’s obvious that I’ll have to pump him for information about this Exciting Development. Stay tuned!


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