Details to Follow

I actually have a decent bit to comment/rant about, but it’s late and I wouldn’t do my material justice tonight. I’ll set aside some time tomorrow evening (and perhaps relatives won’t drop by and then spend the night, further distracting me) to get things chronicled properly.

What’s to tell? My crazy adventure with niacin, mostly.

In more boring news, that I can get out of the way quickly, I got a haircut this morning. Yay! Another news brief: there’s this spastic spider that has taken (temporary) residence in my bathroom. It’s a medium-sized brown spider that actually looks pretty darn mean—and it moves faster than my eyes can track. (“Sheeit,” says I.) I really can’t see its legs move at all, which means that the damn thing jerkily makes progress along the wall while it doesn’t appear to move at all. Imagine a one-frame spider moving around in a Flash animation, on a computer that’s just a tad too slow to make the animation run smoothly. And make that spider mean-looking. And put it in my bathroom.

As if the niacin wasn’t enough for one day. Ugh.


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