Headin’ to L.O.

Well, I’m off to go visit Andy for the day. Get to eat barbecue and chat with friends, and then watch the Cowboy Bebop movie. (^_^)

Brian has keenly observed that my SaiKano fears are still rather unsubstantiated; I have no real evidence that it’s been licensed, and even if it has I have no evidence that the license would be announced at Anime Expo.

The early Truth, though, may be that Brian’s right. It appears (from their website) that Funimation has licensed Detective Conan, a 300+ episode series about a 19 year old man transformed into a little kid who goes around solving mysteries. Murder mysteries. Complete with bodies and gunshot (or whatever) wounds shown. It’s like Scooby Doo on steroids. Kinda fun, actually.

Given that, maybe Funimation doesn’t have SaiKano. Also given that, it probably doesn’t matter who licenses SaiKano; now that both Hikari no Go (an anime about playing the game Go) and Detective Conan are both coming over to the US, the End Times are nigh upon us.

Anyhoo, no update tonight. If I survive the Interstate, and the End Times, then I’ll probably be back sometime Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!


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