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I know my normal day is generally rather dull, but this day would have put my normal day to sleep. It’s still hot, I worked, watched a bit of anime, and played a bit of Castlevania. Woot.

At work my boss informed me that my Friday trip to Hell had been postponed, due to a scheduling conflict my arch-rival, support-person Debbie, had. Call it what you will—I know that this was a high-stakes game of chicken (crash scheduled to occur on Friday), and Debbie swerved.

Outside of that small note, work was pretty darn quiet. Fate herself actually had to play a trump card to keep entertained, and so the cameo of the day (in the role of Only Customer Who Walks Through the Door) was The Guy Who’ll Talk Your Ear Off. After enduring a half hour of pointless chit-chat, the gal who minds the front desk finally shook him off, and came back to complain that one of us should have saved her by giving her phone a jingle. Ha.

Ranma was good fun tonight, but only notable because one of the episodes featured a Martial Arts Ramen Delivery Contest. It seems that if you tack on “martial arts” before (and optionally “contest” after) any ordinary activity, things get a whole lot more entertaining.

Who wouldn’t pay good money to see a martial arts clothes washing contest? How about martial arts tennis? These events would be something akin to Iron Chef, except that there would be more metal involved than just a wok.

So I finally did peek at the clock for Castlevania: I only played an hour or so a few nights ago (the clock only tracks when you’re actually in control of the character), so I’m nowhere near as bad as I feared.

OK, here’s the deal: I’ll throw a couple bones to distract you, and then I’ll run away. First, here’s another random blog that looks nice. Second, something almost certainly inspired by drugs.


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