Wow. Lots has happened, but almost all of it is behind the scenes. There’s still plenty to do, too, but I’m all tuckered out for now. (I’m feeling mostly healthy now, hence my use of “tuckered out for now”; if I were still sick, I would phrase my state as “currently near death.”)

Repeat readers will note that the blog page is much more svelte than what it used to be; I’ve hacked old entries up by month and cryogenically frozen them for all time. A more permanent link to the past can now be found at the bottom of this page.

The transition to Comcast was rather painless, especially when compared to the switch from @home to ATTBI a year and a half ago. Back then we were given very slight notice that things would change, and the change itself was rather harsh—every internet setting was different overnight, and I never got any email sent to my @home addresses after the day we were switched over to ATTBI. [AT&T really didn’t get along with @home, or vice versa.] This time all that I had to change was my email settings, and any email sent to my ATTBI addresses gets forwarded through December 2004. Another perk of having completed the transition is that I have constant access to the internet again (that, or else the times between connections are small enough that I don’t notice them), so I retract my earlier statement that “Comcast sucks pond scum.”

I spent this evening updating every online site that I’ve given an email address (it’s annoying when you buy lots of stuff online), as well as the one mailing list I subscribe to (Tidbits, a good source of Macintosh information) and other assorted doodads. It takes forever, and there’s always another place that you didn’t think about updating until something catches your eye. Now I just need to work on my friends, as well as the comment link for this blog…but those will have to wait until I get some sleep.

While updating sites, I discovered that a company that sells (what is reputed to be) a good iPod case was having a blow-out sale on their first- and second-generation iPod products…so I picked up a case and a car-power adaptor on the cheap. I guess it’s good to be on the trailing-edge of technology sometimes…you occasionally pick up some nice scraps.

Marin and I finally finished off Magical Project S over the weekend. The show finally reached ludicrous speed sometime during the second half of the series, and so became a hell of a lot more entertaining to watch. They managed to finish off the Main Bad Girl six episodes before the end of the show, and so they create a whole new subplot where Sammy’s mission moves beyond correcting minor annoyances in her neighborhood to saving the world. This, almost needless to say, involves Sammy taking her battle into space. It’s much more entertaining than the early episodes gave it any right to be. And then, after you’re done, you get to watch the fake movie trailer for Magical Girl Pretty Sammy: God Boys vs. Magical Girls. This is by far the funniest thing in the entire show, managing to condense the funny and the stupid-the-first-time, hilarious-the-next parts of the series into a gut-wrenching three-minute tour-de-force. It’s a shame that you really have to watch the entire show to appreciate the trailer, as it truly is a work of art.

Now that Pretty Sammy is over, Marin and I are moving on to a show that had a hilarious (to me) first episode, but apparently (to everyone else) was awful in the end: Real Bout High School. With any luck it’ll be enjoyable from a dumb-fun perspective.

Coming soon, once I finish my odds and ends: the true Links page! Otanoshimini!


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