Video Game Madness

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night might just as easily be called Super Metroid 2, where the attractive gal with gun is replaced by an ugly half-vampire. (No, it’s not a fair trade.) I really enjoyed Super Metroid, so…I’ve been playing a whole lot of Castlevania.

Mega Man X6, on the other hand, sucks. The game has the audacity to give you a grade based on how well you play each level—and it had the gall to give my brilliant destruction of the opening level a D. I suspect that was a Gentleman’s D, to boot: when I later lost all my lives trying to jump to platforms I couldn’t see, in a different level, I was also awarded a D.

The nerve of that game.

Of course, I play these things late at night. Combined with how hot it’s been lately, and I’ve gotten very little, and all of it low-quality, sleep. I’m waiting for my old friends, the hallucinations, to come back. The world is remarkably boring when papers never start dancing before your eyes.

So, yeah, my world has been boring lately. At work I started having (slight) difficulty breathing today…I think I’m mildly allergic to cigarette smoke, and the three-plus smokers working in my hermetically sealed building provide more than enough smoke to affect me. It probably doesn’t help that I live right underneath one of the primary vents of the ventilation system; smells tend to collect in my cubby and stick around for a while. As an experiment, to see if my troubles were really just an allergic reaction, I popped some no-name benadryl in the afternoon. I’d tell you how it turned out, but I fell asleep.

Nah, I was just mighty drowsy. (The benadryl seemed to help, if you’re actually interested in how I did.) That reminds me: when I went to Europe, many moons ago, I tried taking a sleeping pill on the loooong plane ride over. That stuff just make me incoherent for multiple hours; I never slept a wink the entire trip over. Benadryl, on the other hand…that stuff knocks me out cold.


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