Wasting Time with Comcast

Today I got up late, exercised late, and then spent the day trying to figure out why my internet connection only works half the time. As in “I can connect this minute, but not the next” half the time. [You might recall that this issue had appeared earlier, right before the transition to Comcast; it cleared up after a week of pain.] In some ways, a working dial-up connection is nicer than this spotty cable modem connection; you wait for both, but at least for the dial-up you know you’re waiting for something. [Yes, I know that dial-up has its own issues. Please excuse my brief, bitter, excursion into fantasy-land.] This has been another reason for my lack of updates, actually; something about not being able to connect to the internet makes me think that others can’t connect, either. Or, at least, I choose to believe that so I don’t get more bitter than I already am about this whole thing.

Mom’s decided that Marin and I need to start making dinner, so that we can fend for ourselves once we strike out into the Real World. Since it’s been so hot, though, our meals so far have been from the barbecue…hot dogs yesterday, steak today. Yum.

After dinner was garbage-collection (yay), chatting on the deck, and watching some Ranma, and finally getting my blog caught up. Now I get to try and sleep in my too-hot room. Whee!


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