Wood Shop

My habit of staying up late is killing me, so I’ll desperately try to keep this short.

I’m finally showing work who’s boss—I’m fully caught up on scanning the important stuff, and so I can spend all of tomorrow working on the lesser junk that’s plaguing my cubicle. Still no word on a scanning successor; I think the realization that I was a hair’s breadth from quitting really shook up my bosses, and I’m not sure that that’s really a good thing. Ah well. At least I get to do work I enjoy, for now.

I came home from work to discover a box from RightStuf that contained Alien Nine (“That’s a whole lot of crying for only $22,” says Andy) and the Samurai Deeper Kyo LE box with disc 1. What differentiates Kyo’s box from every other box out there is that it’s made from wood. The show’s logo is burned into the front and back of the box, and there’s a paper obi (of sorts) surrounding the box to add some color to the sides. It actually looks quite nice.

Its only drawback: my basement now smells like wood shop. I had to open the windows to air the place out.

Otherwise, not much is new in my world. To keep y’all entertained, despite the dearth of entertainment from me, check out some fella’s site on things he and his girlfriend have argued about.

Now I don’t have any real experience with this kind of thing, but—in the totally unlikely scenario where I had a girlfriend—I suspect I wouldn’t be able to get away with posting anything like that. I mean, heck, I don’t think I’d like me doing that. Nevertheless, it is funny.


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