Work Grind

Stupid no-good lousy (in both senses of the word) people working on the neighbor’s house decided to start making big pieces of wood into small pieces of wood at 7:30 am this morning, and thereby destroyed any chance I had of actually getting an entire night of real sleep. I outwitted them, though: I shut my window and went back to sleep for another two hours. Heh. Stupid early-bird workers.

After exercising, and then discovering the only new thing on the web was this dance tutorial, I gave in and went to work. There I discovered that the scanner, my faithful cubicle-mate of a year and a half, was starting to make odd grinding noises.

I guess you might liken it to the way people start to snore (or snore worse) when they get older.

I then had the distinction of representing my place of employment to the people who sold us the scanner. I asked them if they had any idea what might be causing my scanner pain; though I (tearfully) demanded the best drugs money could buy, they only shook their heads and turned away.

In stark contrast to my scanner’s slow decline into oblivion, Real Bout High School took its own life this evening—right in front of Marin’s and my eyes. It was a stupid, yet entertaining, thirteen-episode show. Much like a kid in a candy store, however, it opened up twenty different crates of candy and then couldn’t clean them all up. The eleventh episode was noteworthy for being a recap (!) episode [Marin: “It hasn’t been long enough for us to forget all of this!”] that seemed oddly inspired by the legendary “Kenshin drinking tea” episode in the third season of Rurouni Kenshin.

One of the extras consistently included on the RBHS discs were dub cast “outtakes,” which means you get to listen to VAs say “Hiten Mitsuruugawd damn,” and then laugh at themselves, multiple times. [Only the dub cast for Magic User’s Club seemed to fathom the True Power of outtakes: they’re a chance to deliberately go off script, to serve one’s own ends!] Oddly enough, however, the final outtake of RBHS (I need to believe) was in the deliberate vein of those from MUC. The outtake? “Damn that whore priestess.”

Damn that whore priestess, indeed.


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