But You Can’t Throw Feces

Today was an absolutely delightful day, in that it was the first day in a long while (which is rather weird, considering this is summer) where I was able to completely laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. Not one thing that I didn’t want to do got done. It was beautiful.

Of course, that meant that I got very little done. Very little. Some people on the AOD forums decided to take an anime sabbatical over the long weekend (i.e. only watch anime, and read anime web sites)…that’s quite a bit too much for me. Still, Marin and I did manage to plow through ten episodes of Niea_7 throughout the day. Niea is—as far as I know—the second of ABe’s works (the others, as I babbled on about before, are Lain and Haibane Renmei). Believe it or not, the guy does romanize his name as “ABe.”

Niea’s a delightful slice-of-life show, about a girl (Mayuko) who barely makes ends meet while trying to attend a cram school and the lower-caste alien (Niea, an “under seven”) who mooches off of her. The show also featured the most hilariously misplaced subtitle I’ve ever seen: imagine two people quietly looking at an electricity bill, with the subtitle reading “but you can’t throw feces.” Another episode featured Mayuko, who’s endearingly sweet, reading an entry from Niea’s American Joke book: What do a gay man and a refrigerator have in common? They’re both places you can put your sausage.

Mayu responded to the joke she read about as well as I’m sure you all just did.

I also read the latest GTO manga today, and it’s far more non-P.C. than Niea_7 could ever dream of being. The manga-ka’s willingness to go over-the-top with reckless abandon is just hilarious…at the end of the volume, Onizuka had started his students out digging for buried treasure under the pretense of searching for sea turtle eggs, and a talent agent for one of Onizuka’s ex-students narrowly escaped death by both an exploding building and missiles fired at his car from a helicopter—all because he was trying to save the gal from becoming involved in yakuza-related pornography. […I’m almost certain that no-one could even begin to get the humor, especially in my processed form, so I’ll just give up now…]

I do have a few aspirations for the weekend, such as working on the ill-fated //anime pages and seeing if I can figure out Flash programming, but they’ll have to wait for tomorrow. Sleep deprivation continues to catch up to me, even this late into summer.


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