Celebration & Consternation

At six pm I officially declared August 15th to be Freedom from Work Day. This event marks the day that I completely catch up on my backlog of old work for the first time in the year, and when I have the opportunity to stay caught up until school starts again. I would have absolutely nothing to do if I went into work right now. \(^_^)/

My victory is fleeting, as my coworkers are coming in over the weekend to give me more stuff to scan. Nevertheless, I will celebrate by directing y’all to a site that illustrates some examples of anime scenes being derived from actual locations. The show the site focuses on is Onegai Twins, the sequel to Onegai Teacher. (Be sure to thank Anime Blog Muyo! for the heads-up.)

Tonight, while Marin and Dad watched Monk, I started looking at what it takes to be an actuary. The first of many exams I’ll have to take is offered in November and May of each year, and costs about $100. And it scares the shit out of me. Knowing how out-of-practice I am with all things mathematical—and this despite being a math major—I’m realistically looking at taking the exam in May of next year. (The exam is four hours and multiple choice, but features all the math I’ve ever learned in college. At the same time. If I’m handy with the various concepts, the multiple-choice aspect of the exam should make it an easy target for me; if I’m not prepared, it’ll be four hours of looking doom in the face.) I should be graduating in March, and I haven’t yet spent any time thinking about my life after college…I’m looking forward to starting this painful process over the weekend.

Sooo…anyone know of a company that’ll want to hire a wanna-be actuary sometime after May next year?


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