As my condition has continued to deteriorate (e.g. my legs have never recovered from my last DDR session), I think I’ll give this “sleep” thing a chance to patch me up. As I’ve just woken up from a nap, I still don’t have further details on my weekend adventures. You weep, I know. I’m sorry.

[fifteen minutes later] Wow. I really had to scrounge around to find something interesting to throw your way, and it’s still only something of limited value to y’all. Check out Chiyo Chichi (aka Chiyo-chan’s dad, as imagined by one of the other Azumanga Daioh girls; sharp-eyed people might correctly guess that “chichi” is Japanese for “dad”) and his flash-based role in Guilty Gear XX. The one executing the beatdown has adopted Johnny’s persona—the captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, and romantic interest of May—which is also funny, because the last thing Johnny usually does is execute a beatdown. That, or else none of my friends can play Johnny well.

Tiffany, if you read this and Tyler needs a good fighting game for his new PS2—have him check out Guilty Gear XX. I’d be interested to see what he thinks about it.


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