Despite a big ol’ lazy streak that I’ve developed over the last week—meaning that I haven’t been working too much—I still managed to scan enough paper at work today to tweak some muscle in my neck. There are two types of batches of paper that I scan at work, really: the unimportant ones, and the important ones. (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?) Unimportant papers are good to have, but we could get a second copy of them if we needed to. Important ones are irreplacable. Consequently, because the scanner has the ability to pick up multiple sheets of paper at a time, I have to watch the scanner scan important batches.

We have a lot of important batches.

My head is heavy, and my neck is weak. So, if I hold my head in a “watch the scanner” position for too long, I’ll eventually develop this massive pain in my neck. It usually ends in my waking up one morning unable to rotate my head without Extreme Pain. It lasts for a day or two, and then passes until next time. If I’m unlucky, tomorrow will be another day of Extreme Pain.

Otherwise, today has been very quiet. In chatting with Tiffany online this evening, I was reminded that the long-rumored plans to build a gazillion-screen theater in-town seems to be solidifying into fact, after a five year delay. Yes! A Real Theater might be coming to town! Soon I’ll be able to pay an exorbitant amount of money to sit in a dark room with a bunch of strangers and watch 20 minutes of ads, 15 minutes of previews, and a 90 minute movie. With a gazillion other screens around my screen. Hopefully it’ll provide for smaller movies to make an appearance in town, such as—I dunno—things like the Cowboy Bebop movie and Spirited Away. (I can wish, right?) Some fear that this might put the Avalon out of business, since indie films will ostensibly fill the excess screens. I don’t know.

Well, since I still have an hour or two in me before I crash for the night—and since everyone else in my family has already gone to bed (they’re sane!)—I might as well see if I can fill out my weekend experiences. More to come…


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