Music Experiment

I spent the majority of the day at work in a foul mood. I hypothesize that this is related to the fact that I fell asleep with Komm Susser Todd on repeat in my CD player last night (hey! It is the most upbeat song about suicide that you’ll ever hear). No, I’m not suicidal. Yes, it actually was part of an experiment I decided to run when I was groggy right before bed last night. Yes, I’m that stupid. Tonight I’ll put Mimiru’s Theme (incredibly upbeat BGM and humming from the second .hack//SIGN soundtrack) on repeat, and see what my attitude towards the world is tomorrow.

One of the ways I manage to hurt myself at work is by watching the scanner scan Important Documents for too long. I’ll occasionally get a sharp pain in my neck, and if I’m not careful that can reach the point where it hurts to turn my head at all (well, I’ll hurt myself enough that I’ll wake up the next morning unable to turn my head). I thought I had done myself in that way going into this last weekend, as every night I would lie down and have a mildly sore neck; in Seattle I would actually pop my spine (!?) once or twice every night when I laid flat on my back. So far no major pain has emerged, but I sense it lurking in the corner still. I hate that. I also hate popping my cervical/upper-thoracic spine, ’cause I don’t think you’re supposed to do that. (Maybe what I’m actually popping is the spot where ribs meet the spine???)

Nothing much happened at work, as far as I know. Then again, I was grumpy and not going to too much effort to hide it. I spent the evening updating records and paying bills that I would have done this weekend…recordkeeping is so darn time-consuming, sometimes (or perhaps I just make it that way). Had fun chatting with Brian on IM while updating my books, mostly discussing the merits of various manga series.

Just now I had fun flexing my junior-layout skillz creating prototype book cover layouts for Marin. Sadly, my five-minute layouts (while nothing fancy) look better than some actual book covers.

…and that brings me to the point where I regretfully inform you that my Seattle trip treatise does not yet exist. I’ll get that written at some point here; give you something to look forward to and whatnot. Since I’m lazy, and because the Quote Database is so damn cool, I’ll just like to another part of the site. Sure, these aren’t all gems like the Top 50 were, but there are still plenty of hilarious things in there. Take message 183:

<BlackDeth> i was playin CS

<BlackDeth> and i accidentally ran over my whole team with a tank

<BlackDeth> i got booted off the server :/

And for a nightcap, message 112:


I know how Amanda` feels.


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