Silly Coworker

No matter how hard I try, nothing ever really changes: I’m still updating this thing at near-unGodly hours of the night. OK, so I’m not trying all that hard. And things have changed, because I now feel darn tired when I update this thing.

Last night I compromised between my two desires (sleep and reading Kare Kano manga 2) by reading the first act of Kare Kano before going to sleep. What a difference one part of a story arc can make! I thoroughly enjoyed what I read of the second book, so the series isn’t lost on me yet.

Today must have been comedy hour at work. I arrived at lunchtime to find a coworker asleep on the couch (not a terribly uncommon occurrence); I later learned that said coworker had been sleeping for an hour when I arrived—on the clock. Boo yah. Who in the world would think that people wouldn’t notice that?

I then checked my email, and found a mass email the same coworker had sent to everyone in the office earlier in the day. This email’s hook? It was written by Jar Jar Binks. I swear. There was only one grammatically correct sentence in the entire thing (“There are doughnuts in the break room.”), followed by three or four hilariously messed up lines (“Meesa so sorry forget yoos alls birthdays.”)

Actually, scratch that. In his own bizarre way, Jar Jar has some sense of grammar and sentence structure. This email completely lacked any sense of those.

I came home to find this review of Saiyuki up at AnimeJump. I don’t know who Darius Washington is, but the first line in his review, and an analogy he makes towards the end, has made me a fan of his. Needless to say, I feel similarly about Saiyuki.

Dinner with my aunt, uncle, and grandma was fun and quite tasty (steak, yum!). Once the place quieted down, Marin and I took in the first episode of my newly-arrived copy of Maison Ikkoku. MI has the distinction of being the first (mini-) box set I’ve purchased that features an obi (!!!). Marin seemed to find the episode entertaining; though I had read the story in manga form earlier, I still took great pleasure in watching Yotsuya causing mischief.

Seeing as how I’m even more Powerfully Tired than I was last night, and it’s an hour later than it was when I finished up last night, I guess I’ll cut this update off at the knees. Otakon starts tomorrow. Oooooh!


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