Slow News Day

You know how I told y’all yesterday that I had absolutely no work that could be done if I tried to work today? That wasn’t entirely true, as I went in to work today.

A more truthful statement would have specified that “I have no scanning to do.” As it was earlier today, though, I had a giant pile of old scanned batches collecting in the back room that needed to be purged. By order of the fire marshall.

It was that bad. Serious!

So Marin and I spent a few hours this afternoon putting paper into recycle bags. Thrilling work! I returned to shower and then play some Guilty Gear XX. Seems that the Penny Arcade crew are going to have a day-long gaming party next Saturday in Bellvue, Washington—and neither Andy, nor Andy’s friend who lives in Washington, are opposed to attending this event. I’m not sure if I’ll go, but it might be different. Scarily different. I wonder if my Baiken can hold up to hardcore gamers (do recall that I’m not a hardcore gamer) whose names aren’t Andy or Nate.

This evening I put finger to keyboard and started hammering out one of many (“at least two, maybe three”) layouts for my anime pages (!). [Nothing’s posted yet, so no need to look…I still have a lot of work ahead of me.] Eric emailed me a few nights ago and suggested that my anime musings from here might be better suited for that decrepit anime page…and he’s right, in many ways. I have something a bit different in mind, though; I just need to get it implemented. As such, you’ll still get to read about choice bits of anime here…. I’ve also been chatting with Brian on IM; our conversation became more interesting (due to Brian’s quotations of his conversations) once a drunken Sean came online and started interacting with both Brian and Miwa.

Okay, okay! If you insist that this blog entry didn’t inform and entertain, then I’ll refund you your purchase price and give you an early review of the third Star Wars movie.


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