Apparently the boss thought I’d be around long enough at work to justify having me trained in report generation, but I’m not going to be around long enough to learn how to print claims and give my office manager time to do her real work. I’m not sure how that adds up.

The time it takes to do anything with our new system is absolutely astounding; in this day and age, you would think they could write a program that could manage some of its own tedious details. (You can, and there are programs that do—just not this one.)

Ah well. Otherwise work was quiet. The evening was quiet, too; I pretty much just killed time. I discovered that the Worst Birthday Present I Ever Received (haha), the movie Surf Nazis Must Die, is actually just one of far too many extremely-low-budget movies that exist in this world (don’t forget the navigation bar on the left, if you follow the link; there’s plenty more than what’s on that first page!). Back in the day I used to enjoy watching bad horror movies, such as Friday the 13th part VIII, but these movies make my bad horror movies look like Schindler’s List. I guess I’m growing up, though, because I can no longer see why I would want to waste my time watching awful movies—even despite the fact that, with each passing day, a bad movie would represent a smaller and smaller portion of the time I’ve existed.

Wow. That last paragraph just reminded me of all kinds of things. I really enjoy Joe Bob Briggs‘ reviewing style. I need to actually watch Schindler’s List sometime. And, because the paragraph reminded me of things, I was reminded that I wanted to remind myself (!?) to tell you all about the Next Big Thing coming out of Japan (well, from some Japanese doujin group, at least): Azu Race Daioh. You can read a bit more about it on the Insert Credit home page, where I first learned of the game, or you could cut to the chase and download a video clip of the game in action.

No real news from Otakon tonight, either. This is good. Tomorrow is when most of the companies make their announcements. This is bad. To pass the time I DDRed, and have shown dramatic improvement from my first outing. I still suck, but now I’m mildly competitive on the easiest setting of the game…before I’d lose the beat from the start and never recover.


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