Update for Update’s Sake

Hmm. The main message out of the staff meeting today was “grow up.” Indeed, the office could use a bit of that. Kinda sad. There’s actually a huge Gordian knot of issues building up at work, and it seems ready to cause undue suffering to some in the office. I dunno; as usual, it doesn’t really affect me…but this time I might be able to do something to help others.

In happier news, I actually get work done when I show up for a full eight-hour day. I managed to scan the three nasty piles of paper that had been building up—two of them in hiding—in my cubicle, thereby clearing the way for me to be completely, 100% caught-up if I work at things one more day. Alas, scanning paper is more of a process than a goal, somewhat akin to life itself—except that, this time, it’s even more difficult to enjoy the journey.

This evening I somewhat spontaneously decided to watch some of the first episodes of anime that Marin managed to acquire, and so was introduced to Asagiri no Miko and Battle Fairy Yukikaze. Asagiri no Miko is another one of the crop of 15-minute episode shows that seem to have established themselves in the last few years, so the first episode didn’t really give much of a taste for the show. There’s a guy in it who has one red and one brown eye, though, and he freaks me out. Yukikaze, on the other hand, was a 45-minute OVA episode. Despite three times the running time of Asagiri no Miko, I think I derived about the same amount of total pleasure from each of them. In other words, Yukikaze did next to nothing for me: ugly character designs, hints of shonen-ai, puking for non-humorous effect…pretty much everything I don’t care to see in my anime.


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