Weekend Blowout Briefing

Otakon was a complete and utter disappointment for new anime licenses. Where’s SaiKano? Where’s Princess Tutu? As I earlier warned I would be, I’m irritated.

That [irritation] passed quickly.

On Saturday I spent four hours helping Brian’s mom finish setting up her computer (hopefully the basics, such as email, all work now), and then—pretty much on a last-second whim—drove up to Lake Oswego to say ‘hi’ to Andy and friends.

I’m just about to fall over right now, though, so I’ll give you a quick look at the events that I’ll go into detail about later. Knowing me, I’ll have to use this list to jog my memory.

Using my iPod as a radio. Getting run off of I-5. Wario Ware, especially with its banal two-player games (e.g. the Knock the Block on Your Opponent’s Head game). Nate refusing to join in; Nick commenting that it was damn boring to watch (and my rejoinder). Nick sitting on Andy’s poster. Andy pouting, and then playing it up the rest of the evening. Monty Python, plus Nick wearing a dumb hat. The beer bottle that’s empty but isn’t. Going into Street Gang mode to collect a game and a laptop. Andy’s attempt at “hiding.” Playing said game on said laptop while watching Go, and then the Animatrix. Laptop’s heat issues. My limited knowledge of game. Going to bed by iPod light.

Guilty Gear XX, and my dramatic improvement against Andy. Talk of trip to Vegas. Destruction of my iPod case. Driving to Lloyd Center (?) with Andy and Karl to see 28 Days Later. The deserted street that wasn’t. The end is fucking nigh (HAHAHA). My illuminating, well-informed critique of the movie. EB Soul Calibur II devastation. Cooling off by the ice skating rink, commenting about how these little kids could skate better than I ever would—except the little kid that went full-speed into the wall. And the four girls who skated holding hands and clotheslined a young boy.


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