Windows Update

The latest email from Brian noted that this blog looked “really bad” on a PC. Frankly, when I got this page together I was happy enough to get its layout looking about the same on the PC as on my Mac. (Keep in mind that the only PC “box” I have access to is Virtual PC running Windows 95 on my four-year-old G4.) Brian’s email shamed me into tweaking my CSS so that things look a bit better on the Windows side: namely, titles should actually be bold now, and links within entries should no longer be ultra-bold. Hopefully nothing has changed for Mac viewers.

Dividing lines between days should actually be dotted and not dashed, but Windows IE doesn’t yet support dotted lines. Other than that, I believe things look fairly similar now; any other differences are mostly due to the anti-aliasing that the Mac uses. If’n you think that something still needs tweaking (or “looks like ass,” as my friend Neil would say), let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I just got an email from Tiffany, pointing to this article that quotes the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Color me e-double-x-tremely confused—does Ms. Love’s mother live around here?

Also, observe the death of Disney’s traditional animation department (something I discovered August 25th in Radical Bender’s blog). You can read others’ comments on the news in response to T-Money’s babble on BuzzJive dated August 26th.

As I told Tiffany, I still prefer traditional cel-based animation to the 3D or computer-aided animation—there’s just something warmer about it. The more recent computer-animated cel-based anime shows are actually starting to look quite good, however. [Though the current trend seems to be for low-detail, fluidly-animated shows—and I don’t care for those as much. Heck, I didn’t really notice when Trigun’s animation took a widely-recognized hit, so I’m not too picky about animation quality.] Most 3D stuff I see, even of late, is just junk; it looks awful, and people get more tied up in making the 3D look “real” than making sure the show has a plot or the characters are likable.

Gah. Enough of that, for now.


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