A Fistful of Pocky

This morning I had a dream that I was trying to make a trip somewhere, but had to wait for someone to call be back with some details. Then the real-world phone rang, and I woke up twice as disoriented as I usually do.

I’m sick again, so I haven’t been doing too much today. I spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning the rest of my room…my one find was an unopened box of Glico’s finest: pocky! I think I got that pocky two years ago. Did random junk throughout the afternoon, and took a nap in the early evening.

Watched the second-to-last disc of Betterman while munching on that two-year-old Pocky (the foil wrapper they use is pretty darn good, as the pocky was only maybe a touch stale). Betterman has proven to be a remarkably thought-out show, despite having the appearance of just being a huge mishmash of ideas at the beginning: odd nuances of an episode will be explained by discoveries made five episodes later, and multiple references are made to mythology (Icarus, Hercules, etc.) and science (telomeres determining the number of times a cell can replicate, chirality of molecules, etc.). Despite this, the show requires a huge suspension of disbelief, and doesn’t give you enough information to figure things out beforehand…it’s like a roller coaster that you ride facing backwards: you only know where you’re heading after you’ve been there. I also suspect that there’s a large amount of symbolism present that I’m just catching glimpses of here and there.

I apologize if that previous paragraph makes little sense; I’m beginning to space out here. Guess I still need more sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more with-it.

Oh, and Eric—you can thank me any time. =D


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