If’n I didn’t make it clear enough, the gal sticking the bagel down her shirt was doing so to stuff her bra. One bagel. Hence the heightened embarrassment when someone walked by her.

Also, we tried the New! Improved! KFC Popcorn Chicken last night. It was surprisingly good—not too greasy (well, for KFC) and not too crunchy. By far the best deal on it is their “large [lunch] combo,” which includes some french fries and a drink; the “party size” or whatever is much less of a deal.

That reminds me: while we were waiting in KFC’s glacial drive-through line (have I mentioned that I’m extremely surprised that KFC has a drive-through?), Marin mentioned that apparently, in Japan, the big thing to do on Christmas is eat KFC. They actually have to place their orders in advance, if they want any.

Add in the fact that Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan, and you have you and your significant other eating KFC for Christmas dinner. In some ways, the Japanese twist on Christmas sounds like a lot of fun—especially if it’d snow as well.


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