All Hell Breaks Loose

Got to work today, only to discover that LaserFiche (the document scanning program we use) had gone down. I, of course, could do nothing to help it, so I got to help Marin for a while. Marin, in turn (i.e. accidentally), slammed my iPod remote wire in a desk drawer, putting a permanent kink in the cord. Soon after, I developed a nasty sinus headache and went home to take a nap.

Returned to work just as Bill (computer-maintenance guy) was finishing up; seems that the SQL server we’re running was refusing to start itself, even after a complete reboot—but it would load just fine, if done manually. Since the system turns itself off every night, we’ll probably have the same problem tomorrow. Dunno what’s going on there, but tomorrow I get to dive into the wonderful world of burning DVDs of data (something I’ve been meaning to do, anyway) to try and reduce the number of files held in the server proper. (Backups are also taking far too long right now, and burning stuff to DVD might assist there, too.) All in all, fun times to be had. I need to get into work early tomorrow, so I have no idea why I’m up so damn late right now.

I did manage to figure out a work-around for my //anime page layouts in Windows IE, though, so the evening was marginally productive. A few more kinks to work out, and that section will be functional—save the lack of reviews I’ve written. One piece at a time, I guess.

Also watched the West Wing tonight. It was OK, but it looks like next week is when the real fun begins.


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