Once a year I embark on an epic quest to determine the fate of the world. That’s me when I pick up a Final Fantasy game. (Well, last year was Chrono Cross, but that’s not important right now.) Also once a year, I clean my room.

This year I shook the pillars of heaven by doing both. On the same day.

It’s amazing how much dust accumulates in my room. I’m actually not finished cleaning, yet (still have a bookcase and my desk to do), but I did pull some decent rearranging magic and managed to pack my stuff into less space. I also picked up Final Fantasy X today, but it (weirdly) still made me a bit nauseated—perhaps I’m more susceptible to nausea on some days, as the game didn’t affect me before….so I guess my real epic quest for the year will have to be Final Fantasy VIII, which I started playing quite some time ago. Ah well.

Maxi now occasionally walks normally, but stiffly. Once she gets tired, she’ll revert to walking sideways. She tried to jump down from my chair this afternoon and did a complete sideflop—probably the least graceful thing I’ve seen her do. She didn’t seem too happy about it, either.

Maybe I’ll push the boundaries of space and time even further, and attempt to do my once-a-year archival of files to CD right now. It doesn’t get more exciting than this!


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