Work today was meh. I expect it’ll be meh all week, with the possible exception of a possible meeting (this is doubly tentative, you see) tomorrow morning. This evening Dad and I put together an ultra-cheap media cabinet for Marin to house her CDs in. The thing features minimal fit and zero finish, so we added two extra nail holes through the cardboard backing for good measure.

And though I put quite a few tacks in the back of the thing (to hold the cardboard backing on), I only hammered my thumb twice. Lightly, praise be.

Marin still hasn’t quite figured out the way the world works, I’m sad to report. She has a headache this evening, even though she’s not allowed to have one. You see, I got Full Metal Panic mission (volume) 3 in the mail today—and when I get a disc of FMP in the mail, it goes in the DVD player that evening. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen tonight, thanks to this illegal headache maneuver.

The disc even features Tessa on the cover!

And right now I’m trying to finish off this entry while Marin makes various noises of protestation over the previous paragraphs I’ve written. That, or she’s just masticating dangerously cheesy Cheetos.


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