While slaving away at a menial project for my office manager this afternoon, my head cleared and my energy level rose above zero for the first time in three days. [Since I didn’t mention it before: I never take a nap that lasts longer than two hours. Saturday and Sunday saw me taking three- and four-hour naps, respectively.] I almost accidentally felt euphoric from the dramatic improvement in my health. (^_^) I say that because, according to my IPIP-NEO re-analysis (I tried to recreate my accidentally-erased first result this evening) I should be curled up in the fetal position, rocking and hitting my head against a wall from my high (“average”) neuroticism. I think finishing Betterman last night has something to do with my higher-than-it-should-be depression score.

I’ll have to take that damn thing a third time, when I’m not recovering from illness and a depressing anime show at the same time.

Right Stuf dropped another Manga Bomb on me today, so I now own the complete English version of Love Hina. A better guilty pleasure I’ll never know.

Hey! Whaddayaknow? The guy writing Enlightenment With A Vengeance actually spent some time in good-ol’ C-town. Heck, he stopped here twice, though the lead-in to the second visit was somewhat off-putting.

I’ll now end this entry, and wait with bated breath. In an hour and ten minutes Steve Jobs will be giving a presentation at Apple Expo Paris. Will Mac OS X 10.3 be announced? Will updated monitors be available?? Can I preorder my G5 tomorrow???


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