News Flash!

This just in! Solid Snake is actually Kyle Reese from the first Terminator movie! Have a look at the evidence, and then decide for yourself.

And on the B-side of the news: Betterman continues to be vaguely creepy and chock-full of dumb humor. Tonight was the crazy-hospital episode, aka Halloween II-lite. (If you were unaware, Halloween II was a direct continuation of Halloween; as the protagonist, Laurie Strode, had been injured in the first, she heads to a hospital where her evening proceeds to get worse.)

I’ve also become privy to a (not really) scandalous relationship that I should have been aware of much sooner than what I was. I’ve never been a master of nuance, or of picking up on nuance, and this just confirms that I’m still lacking. Oh well; it don’t affect me none.

Oh yes, and I actually did archive files to CD earlier this evening. My productivity for the day is unparalleled. Much like my desire to play this game. I mean, dude (be sure to click on the little pictures to get bigger pictures). Curse you, Insert Credit, for showing me a game I’ll never be able to play!


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