Not Dead Yet

Maxi has escaped death, at least for today. After an awful night (imagine a cat who can’t sit/stand/walk/etc. trying to use the litter box), we scheduled an appointment with the vet for 5:15 pm. Maxi slept the entire day (why she couldn’t just sleep at night escapes me), pretty much in the same position she had been in since yesterday. At 4 pm we gave her a final test, with kitty treats—and she ran over to claim her reward with much more balance than she had been exhibiting in the previous twenty four hours. So we’ve put off the vet, and will see how she does tomorrow.

Of course, when Cricket (my dog) died last summer, she improved for a few days before she ultimately got worse. Time will tell if the same happens with Maxi.

For now, though, I’m just glad we got today.


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