It was Sam’s birthday at work today, so we had strawberry cake. This cake was made by baking a cake, punching many holes into it, and pouring strawberry jell-o into it—a weird cake judging by its description alone, by my standards. I was feeling a bit nauseated to begin with, but that sucker was so sickeningly sweet, in the “oh gawd I’m gonna BLEAH” sense of “sickening,” that I’m just thankful I didn’t actually have to run out of the room. It pretty much killed any chance I had of both eating and holding down lunch.

While scanning one of the myriad batches I had lying around me, I heard someone say my name from behind me. [I’ve learned to concentrate so hard on watching the scanner that I’ve suppressed my instinct to turn around when I sense motion behind me—in the office only, for you predators out there—and I had my iPod on, so I had no idea who it was.] I turned around to find Paula standing in the entrance to my cubicle! Paula’s one of my homies from my early years at the office, and one of the first to flee when times got ugly. We used to chat (as much as I’d chat with anyone, which is both “not much” and “when I’m not clocked in”) about life in general, though any female interaction I had in my life frequently became chat fodder.

Anyway, Paula said hi, and then asked me when the wedding would be. I managed to not fall completely off the ball (only wobbled severely), and muttered something about next week. She then asked me if I’d be heading down to Reno to get married…and to pick up the girl, too.


As I had no immediate comeback to that, Paula took off. (It was the end of her lunch break, too, so it wasn’t purely a mock-and-run event.) Despite the hard knock I took, it was quite enjoyable. Also because of it, I’m going to call Eileen…completely reversing my M.O. from the last year…and uh….nevermind. I really should do something, but the apathy in me remains strong. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that; I need to get my head on straight before I start pursuing females. Maybe I’ve listened to that Evangelion VOX album one too many times.

In other news, I’ve happened upon another interesting site: This Is Broken. And, for those of you who drink: Skittlebrau.

Once I finish chatting with Eric and Brian, methinks a light session of Final Fantasy X, followed by a long sleep session, is in order. Ah, the waning days of my summer.


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