Stupid Hummah!

Last night Eric and I, after watching the Beavers kick ass, poked around some of the websites for the gubernatorial hopefuls of California. You know: Ahnold, McClintock, Huffington, Korevaar. We looked for Bustamente, superficially, but couldn’t find him.

Korevaar’s website sucks. In addition, he’s stolen a web domain that rightfully belongs to my friend Eric: As I pointed out to Eric (after furious calculations on the biography of Eric Korevaar, at the bottom of the page), we only had 18 more years before we could sell our company for cash prizes, and one more year beyond that before we could get married for the first time. Eric didn’t seem to find the idea that we might be like this Korevaar fellow to be very funny.

Both of us did find the two flash movies on Arianna Huffington’s site to be hilarious, though. Stupid Hummah!

I wasted today by making repeated trips in to work to try and finish off this DVD burning project that’s been preventing me from doing real work. The first DVD went fine, but the second one (despite having “30 MB free” in the main window) refused to burn due to “not enough space on disc.” Now I have to bumble my way around the scanning program to figure out how to put some files back where they originally were. It’s quite frustrating.

This evening I spent a good ten minutes collecting my school supplies (that’s the nice thing about college: you just need some notebooks and a pen), and am now dealing with my inability to deal with the fact that I’ll be expected to think tomorrow.

At least I’ll once again be surrounded by beautiful women. (^_^)V [That’s the one perk of still being in college—so I have to rub it in as much as possible, you see.]


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