Stupid Windows IE

Today I once again participated in the time-honored tradition of exchanging far too much money for far too few textbooks. This term was an especially bad one in the books:money conversion factor.

I then went to work, where one coworker was remarkably irritating (Bend the rules for me because I’m stupid!) and others chatted for an hour about boyfriend troubles. I’ve determined that I’m happiest at my office when I have absolutely no interaction with anyone else—in other words, my iPod has become instrumental to happiness at work.

After work consisted of taking care of various odds and ends, and a later-evening venture into Diablo II to demonstrate my lack of proficiency at the assassin. Andy has taken to calling my character Miko Miko Nurse, which is probably the most entertaining tidbit I could share about the game. (As I informed Andy, I Miko-Miko-Massacred Andariel. Andy’s reply? “I hate you.”) After my index finger became sore from clicking on too many things, I switched gears and managed to get another //anime page working in all browsers except Windows IE. I hate Windows IE.

And so here we are. It’s late, so I’ll be going to bed now. You, gentle reader, may continue on to view an entertaining animation I rediscovered this morning: Icon’s Story.


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